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Mr. JR Kickz

 Breon Barrett Sr. is an Entrepreneur born and raised in the city of Chester on June 12th 1985. At a young age Breon always knew he wanted to be an Entrepreneur. At age 11 he would cut grass, shovel snow and even do small construction projects. At age 21 Breon had the idea of starting his own sneaker company and while working toward his dream of owning his own sneaker company, he became one of chester's well known barbers. He has been a barber for the last 8 years. by the age 25 he was in full pursuit of his dream (Jrkickz ). Breon's desire for change in his community inspired him to give back with events such as The Jrkickz water ice giveaway where he teamed up with Big Vars  and gave away 250 water ices to the people in the community of Chester, which took place June 2016. In September 2016 Breon's company Jrkickz sponsored a semi pro football team as well as held the first "Entrepreneurial Expo" in his hometown Chester Pa. The Expo helped local entrepreneurs and business owners showcase &promote their company and up coming companies. On June 18th Jrkickz open the doors to its first Franchise Sneaker Store and currently working on opening up a second store. Jrkickz also has its Website as well as its Amazon store. Breon has been working diligently to make his mark in the sneaker industry. His ambitious attitude and understanding of hardwork and dedication ,will lead him to accomplish his dreams. This is only the beginning for Breon Barrett and jrkickz. 


Ron Alexander

 Mr. Straight to the Point, Mr. Lets Get Down To Business, Ronald E Alexander jr. 36 yr business man Born in Chester, PA. Raised in Sharon Hill, PA. Father of 4 beautiful children. Current VP of Business Development for JrKickz, LLC. My responsibilities are but not limited to securing future endeavourers for the company. Establish and mantain business relationships and partnerships. Push, promote, and represent the JrKickz brand. As well as drive the culture that is JrKickz. 


Andrew Nelson


Andrew Nelson is a Chester, Pa native where he also resides with his family. This motorcycles riding, husband and father of three is no stranger to hard work and dedication. For 10 years Andrew was a Marine by day and student at night, gaining knowledge to better serve his self. Community, and family. Andrew currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs and sits on the board of the Chester Young Professionals and Chester Eastside Inc. Teaming up with his childhood friend Breon Barrett, Andrew was appointed the Vice President of Operations for JRKickz in early 2017. The Penn State graduate is set to complete his MBA from Temple University in 2018. you can catch this Marine Corp Veteran every Monday giving us the daily business do’s and don’t with his team from 8-9 on JrKickz Keys 2 Success. Thank you, Andrew, for your 10 years of service. 


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