Who We Are

CMP Pledge to the Community


 Our mission is to inform, educate, motivate, stimulate, and inspire the masses with thought provoking conversations. In a way that brings together all aspects of our community. We want to change the narrative of our community, Change the landscape of our city, and give a voice to the voiceless. This is our mission and we will not refuse it. We will succeed at Cultivating Mature Positivity because we will be Constantly Making Progress. We are Chester Made Products.


“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” -Mahatma Gandhi


 Bridging the gap between generations and walks of life, Jean Pierre Brice and Charles Breakley joined together to shake up the community using the one language we all know and love and that's music. Hailing from Chester, Pa both Jean Pierre and Charles B decided to bring something positive not only the city of Chester, but also to the surrounding Tri State area. Spicing up the team and sealing the generational gap adding Joelle Dodson and Dwayne Harmon from the original Revolutionary Mindz radio show team, continuing with the "we are family" message.    

"There is No Progress without Struggle" -Frederick Douglas


    The teams overall mission is to create a space where the voices of the community can be heard and not threated, online radio stations are the best way for the community to have an open forum. The Youth with an interest in communications can start to develop a passion and a place where the city can continue to build its self-PRIDE. The CMP team is dedicated to being a part of making the city love again. Remember there is no progress without struggle; so, get involved, keep in touch, and listen in to the CMPRadio.net family, Chester's internet radio station!   



Thank you

We hoped you found all you were looking for! Thank you for visiting our page, we look forward to growing with you, working with you, and spreading positivity throughout the community. CMP stands for  Continuously Making Progress, Cultivating Mature Positivity, and Chester Made Products. Each meaning is what we all represent as a whole. Everyday were making progress to bettering the community and ourselves; as long as there is room for growth, we are forever learning. What we are learning and have learned we want to deliver to our audience in a mature, entertaining, and captive way. Lastly, we are all Chester Made Products! Being from the city of Chester we take great pride in our city and what is and can become of it. We also  welcome those from other walks of life who do not mind contributing to the positivity and growth of the city, the youth, and the overall community. So get ready to Tune up and Tune in with the team as our journey continues and now with you on board!!